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                                                                   23 26 JUNE

                                                                   10.00-18.00 hrs.
                                                                                            BITEC, BANGKOK  2021

                                               ITP 202110009                                         ITP 202110010
         PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING                             EKS HYDRAULIC SERVO
         METAL INJECTION MOLDING                               ENERGY SAVING INJECTION
         (DIE CAST) AND BLOW MOLDING                           MOULDING MACHINE

         Brand : POWERMOLD                                     Brand : BOLE
                                                               Model : BL550EKS
         Injection mold, maximum sized
         up to 3,000 Ton                                       Intelligent networking management
         •  Automotive parts                                   system March into industry 4.0,
         •  Home appliance parts                               opening a new era of intelligent
         •  Electronics parts                                  factories High performance PLC of
         •  Household product                                  MMI, which getting information of
                                                               the robot, mold temperature controlled, cooling water, machine
                                                               accessories etc, realize data interaction, wireless networking
                                                               management system.

         ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC TWO                ITP 202110011   APOLLO – INJECTION MOLDING            ITP 202110012

         Brand : BOLE                                          Brand : Apollo
         Model : BL950DK                                       Model : Toggle Type BIII Series – 90 ~ 1300 Ton

         •  Fast Dry Cycle Time, Shorter Tie Bar, Easy to Add Additional   •  Top grade Energy Saving System reducing energy usage of
           Device of Tie4 Bar Puller                             30% ~ 80%, with higher stability,
         •  Two Platen Design, Super                             efficiency, and effectiveness.
           Open Stroke                                         •  High strength platen design /
         •  Elect4r4ic Clamp Fast                                Optimized Parameter /
           Movement Driven                                       Quantitative lubrication for higher
         •  High Stiffness Platen Support,                       stability and efficiency.
           Bigger Mold Weight Capacity
         RICHLAND MACHINE TOOL CO., LTD.                        SHENG CHENG (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

                                               ITP 202110013                                         ITP 202110014
         APOLLO – INJECTION MOLDING                            BIMETAL BARREL
                                                               Brand : HB-Alloy
         Brand : Apollo                                        Model : HB Series
         Model : Two-Platen S-Series – 900 ~ 2600 Ton
                                                               •  For Preventive Maintenance
         •  Two-Platen clamping, the distance                  •  Ready for more Glass Fiber
           of mold closing is short and machine                •  Anti-Wearing and Corrosion
           rigidity is better.                                 •  Energy Cost Saving
         •  Clamping force is uniform and exact,
           and setting is convenient
         •  Smaller floor space but longer mold
           opening stroke, suiting molds with deep cavities.
         •  Top grade energy saving system to save energy consumption up to
           80% and usage, with higher stability, efficiency, and effectiveness.
         SHENG CHENG (THAILAND) CO., LTD.                       SIAM HYUNDAI BOTECO CO., LTD.

                                               ITP 202110015                                         ITP 202110016
         SCREW                                                 HORIZONTAL INJECTION
                                                               MOLDING MACHINE
         Brand : HB-Alloy
         Model : HBS Series                                    Brand : Sodick
                                                               Model : MS100
         •  The best option for Glass Fiber
         •  Special Custom Design                              •  Based on high accuracy and
         •  Ready for every type of resin / additive             stable molding by V-LINE®
         •  Anti-Wearing and Corrosion                         •  Developed "eV - LINE" compatible
                                                                 electric motor and a new mold
                                                                 clamping mechanism
                                                               •  Improvement of productivity and
                                                                 energy saving by high cycle

          SIAM HYUNDAI BOTECO CO., LTD.                         SODICK (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

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