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ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition on
                                                                          Machinery, Technology, Chemicals, and Raw
                                                                          Materials for Plastics Manufacturing – 29  Edition

                                               ITP 202110017                                         ITP 202110018
         HORIZONTAL INJECTION                                   SERVO HYDRAULIC TYPE
         MOLDING MACHINE                                        PLASTICS INJECTION MOLDING
                                                                MACHINE (TOGGLE)
         Brand : Sodick
         Model : MS100                                          Brand : HAITIAN
                                                                Model : MA3800IIF/1280
         •  Electric V-LINE
         •  Electric clamping action                            •  Specially developed to produce
         •  Operation panel focused on                            plastic packaging efficiently
           intuition                                            •  Injection speed of up to
                                                                •  High and consistent process
                                                                  stability, especially for extremely thin and light products
                                                                •  Perfect balance between productivity and cost efficiency
          SODICK (THAILAND) CO., LTD.                           SP INTERMACH CO., LTD.

         SERVO HYDRAULIC TYPE                  ITP 202110019    END OF ARM TOOLING                   ITP 202110020
         PLASTICS INJECTION MOLDING                             COMPONENTS. (E.O.A.T.)
                                                                Brand : EINS
         Brand : HAITIAN
         Model : JU4500III/2230                                 •  EINS is a E.O.A.T. parts division of
                                                                  Star Automation, inc which is offering
         •  Optimized clamping system                             competitively priced
           for more dynamics and                                •  End of Arm Tooling components. It
           short dry-cycle times                                  was developed to meet the needs of
         •  The compact design is                                 those molders who want to build
           unbelievably space-saving                              their own tooling in house at lower
         •  Fast response time and high positional accuracy (± 0,05 %)    cost, by modular components.
         •  Energy-saving with Patented servo motor to gear pump design
          SP INTERMACH CO., LTD.                                STAR SEIKI (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

                                               ITP 202110021                                         ITP 202110022
         MAGNETIC CLAMPING SYSTEM                               QUICK COUPLINGS
         Brand : STAUBLI                                        Brand : STAUBLI
         Model : Magnetic clamping QMC122                       Model : RMI Temperature control

         •  Adaptable to all IMMs and mold sizes, does not      •  A large number of locking balls or pins
           require any modification of existing molds.            depending on the models size.
         •  Real time monitoring of mold temperature and        •  Easy handling for quick and easy
           clamping performance.                                  connection / disconnection.
         •  Mold movement detection. A message immediately      •  An excellent flow / pressure drop ratio
           alerts the operator and IMM stop, if the clamping      with optimum flow.
           force is abnormal.                                   •  The long profile of the plug ensures a
         •  Provide the IMAG Editor software enable the clamping     perfect leak tight connection.
           force for each mold to be calculated in advance,
           depending on the IMMs on which it will be used.
          STAUBLI (THAILAND) CO., LTD.                          STAUBLI (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

                                               ITP 202110023                                         ITP 202110024
         LASER ENGRAVING &                                      UV LED CURING FLATBED
         CUTTING MACHINE                                        INKJET PRINTER
         Brand : GCC LASER PRO                                  Brand : MIMAKI
         Model : SPIRIT GLS                                     Model : JFX-2513EX
         •  The CO2 laser tube is the most critical component   •  Ultimate entry model that combines
           of a laser engraver. GCC LaserPro offers the best      high-value-added print and high
           and most reliable CO2 laser available in the industry.    productivity.
         •  Synrad CO2 lasers are built in the United States    •  The "JFX200-2513 EX" is a successor
           with the most advanced laser technology.               to the "JFX200-2513" and is a large
         •  GCC LaserPro integrates laser firing control and      format flatbed UV inkjet printer that combines high-value-added
           image processing technology to create a 3D engraving function, the laser     printing and high productivity while being an entry model.
           system assigns up to different laser powers to 200 levels of grayscale   •  High value-added print "2.5D Texture Maker" that enables easy
           in the image to make the spectular 3D effects with different slopes.    creation of smooth semi-stereoscopic 2.5D data
          TECHNOLOGY 2004 CO., LTD.                             TECHNOLOGY 2004 CO., LTD.

                                  PRO DUCT                  8     H IGH LIGH TS
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