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ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition on
                                                                          Machinery, Technology, Chemicals, and Raw
                                                                          Materials for Plastics Manufacturing – 29  Edition

                                               ITP 202110033                                         ITP 202110034
         CLASSIS FULL-ELECTRIC WITH                             TINA AM SERIES
                                                                Brand : YUDO
         Brand : TEDERiC                                        Model : TINA
         Model : E620C
                                                                •  The system assembled in the duct type minimizes the
         Precision: repeatability                                 allowance during mold fabrication
         precision of injection,                                •  Because it has a simple assembly
         clamping motion up to                                    structure, fast HRS maintenance and
         0.01mm, to ensure the                                    repair are possible by simply.
         precision of the output.                               •  Various applications can be applied by
                                                                  adopting a free-angle manifold
                                                                •  It provides minimized heat loss and
                                                                  reinforced color change performance

          WIN INNOTECH CO., LTD.                                YUDO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

         TINA EP SERIES                        ITP 202110035    GRANITE MASTERBATCHES                ITP 202110036

         Brand : YUDO                                           Brand : Black Horse Color
         Model : TINA EP
                                                                •  Matching Color as customers
         •  TINA EP is a system that provides                     request
           excellent temperature distribution                   •  ISO9001 Certificate
           from the nozzle to the gate.
         •  Fit for engineering plastic molding by
           having excellent abrasion resistance
           and corrosion resistance.
         •  Good heat transfer efficiency with the
           help of the all-in-one-type nozzle heater.
         •  Various specifications, including open and valve, can be applied

          YUDO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.                             ZEAL CHEMICALS CO., LTD.

                                               ITP 202110037                                         ITP 202110038
         ADB Plastic Compound                                   ADB ADHESIVE
         Brand : ADB                                            Brand : DB

         •  Provided all grade of plastic                       •  Professional bonding solution for all
           compound with more than                                materials, environment friendly product
           35 year manufacturing experiences                    •  Wide range of product both for
         •  Including wire and cable, Rigid                       industrial and commercial requirement
           PVC, Medical PVC, Soft PVC                           •  High performance with international
           with international standards.                          standard
         •  Customized for specific                             •  Customized specification as request
           application and provided solution                      by experienced Research and
           for plastic manufacturers                              Development team


                                               ITP 202110039                                         ITP 202110040
         COLOR MASTERBATCH,                                     COLOR MASTERBATCH,
         FILLER, ADDITIVE, COMPOUND                             FILLER, ADDITIVE, COMPOUND
         Brand: Kingcolor                                       Brand: Kingcolor

         High intensity primary color for                       •  Quality
         mixing plastic. You can use for                        •  Cost
         mixing all kind of plastic that you                    •  Delivery
         want. We can make all color that                       •  Service and Improvement
         you want and suitable for your
         product. Ready for give advice and
         techniques. We have laboratory
         and modern technology and quality
          KING COLOR (THAILAND) CO., LTD.                       KING COLOR (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

                                  PRO DUCT                  10    H IGH LIGH TS
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