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                                                                   23 26 JUNE

                                                                   10.00-18.00 hrs.
                                                                                            BITEC, BANGKOK  2021

                                               ITP 202110025                                         ITP 202110026
         SOLANO LEISTER                                        TRIAC LEISTER

         Brand : LEISTER                                       Brand : LEISTER
         Model : SOLANO AT 162.264                             Model : TRIAC ST 141.227
         •  Universal hot-air hand tool for plastic welding    •  Universal hot-air hand tool for plastic welding
         •  100% Swiss made quality with 60 years of expertise  •  100% Swiss made quality with 60 years of expertise
         •  Long-lasting brushless motor and sturdy heating element  •  Innovative motor & turbine design giving high welding
         •  Light-weight only 750 g and run extremely smooth and     power
           quiet at less than 65 dB                            •  Good ergonomics & handle grip with actively cooled
         •  Saves up to 40% energy in Eco mode                   protective tube for greater work safety
         •  Multi-level protection against overheating. Designed   •  Heavy duty. Suitable for on-site use. Capable of
           with ergonomic handling                               operating for 8 hours continuously
         •  Customizable temperature from 50° to 650° with     •  Perfect weight balance with Less than 1 kg
           airflow controller                                  •  Suitable for numerous applications in various industries
         THAI VINYTER CO., LTD.                                 THAI VINYTER CO., LTD.

         SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS                 ITP 202110027   SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS                 ITP 202110028
         TS-AD SERIES                                          TS-V SERIES

         Brand : SWAN                                          Brand : SWAN
         Model : TS-AD Series (Direct Driven)                  Model : TS-V Series (Inverter)

         High Efficient Cooling Air Circulating Design         Features
         •  With cold and hot air separating design to ensure the air   •  The series of compressor is equipped with highly
           circulating efficiency and increase its air discharge quantity.     efficient screw air-end, totally enclosed fan-cooled
           The cooling air inlet/outlet is with noise-resistant design.    powerful electric motor, precise oil filter, oil/air
         Smart Control System                                    separator element and modulating suction regulator
         •  Equipped with remote control, multi-machine integrating     etc, built to a complete unit with perfect integration
           control function , multi-languages, malfunction history     and highest reliable system.
           records and maintenance time management etc, to
           make it easy to operate.
         TONG CHENG IRON WORKS CO., LTD.                        TONG CHENG IRON WORKS CO., LTD.

                                               ITP 202110029                                         ITP 202110030
         GLAMIDE®                                              VYLOPET®
         •  GLAMIDE®is TOYOBO’s high-                          •  VYLOPET® is TOYOBO’s thermoplastic polyester utilizing high
           performance polyamide resin which is                  polymerization technology and
           completely matches the needs of client                compounding technology
         •  It can use as an alternative material for          •  It can use as an alternative
           metal and thermosetting resins                        material for metal and
         •  It can fulfill both high mechanical                  thermosetting resins
           strength and excellent (exceptional)                •  It can fulfill both high mechanical
           appearance                                            strength and excellent
         •  It has high dimensional precision                    (exceptional) appearance

         TOYOBO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.                            TOYOBO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

                                               ITP 202110031                                         ITP 202110032
         INJECTION MOULDING                                    INJECTION MOULDING
         Brand : Victor                                        Brand : Victor
         Model : ve140es                                       Model : VE180 ES

         •  Energy Saving Precision                            •  Energy Saving Precision
           Hydraulic System                                      Hydraulic System
         •  High precision Injection Unit                      •  High precision Injection Unit
         •  Heavy Duty, rigid, clamping                        •  Heavy Duty, rigid, clamping
           Unit                                                  Unit
         •  Run and easy to operate

          VICTOR CNC (THAILAND) CO., LTD.                       VICTOR CNC (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

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