The electric vehicle industry and other industries related to digital systems like smart devices are continuously expanding at present. Applying new technology to the vehicles improves development of electronic devices for supporting demands of users in the future. Therefore, the metal plating industry is becoming more demanded in the market.

Let’s find out and get to know the key chemicals to increase efficiency in the metal plating process in this blog!
Explore more chemicals that help increase efficiency in the metal plating process at PATA CHEMICALS AND MACHINERY’s booth at Surface and Coatings, from 19-22 June 2024 at BITEC, Bangkok.
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Come keep up with the changes together from 19-22 June 2024 at BITEC, Bangkok!
Is the green transformation just a buzzword for surface treatment industry? Thailand Electroplating Industrial Network Association (TEPNET) and RX Tradex will illustrate this trend and why it is imperative for entrepreneurs in the surface treatment industry to pivot towards sustainability for their business success at Surface & Coatings Forum 2024 under the topic “Advanced Surface Finishing Technology for Green Transformation.” Join us to hear the insights and guidelines from industry experts from around the world and meet up with your industry colleagues to strengthen your trade network.

Come keep up with the changes together at Surface & Coatings Forum 2024, Friday, 21 June 2024, 13.00-17.00 hrs., at 2nd Floor, Grand Hall 203, BITEC, Bangkok.

*The seminar will be conducted in English.
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Be prepared to move your business ahead amidst changes at Surface and Coatings, a sourcing platform for tens of thousands of manufacturers from a wide range of sectors to discover latest surface treatment, painting, and coating technologies and techniques from over 130 brands. This is an annual industrial gathering where the community will meet up and keep up with the changes.
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