Automation is becoming an indispensable trend in every industry as well as metalworking industry. This is because it can replace labor, help save costs and raise the efficiency of production to the desired level. YAMAZEN (THAILAND) CO., LTD., is also aiming to support automation further through the machine tools and other technologies that will be showcased at METALEX 2024 as announced by the Managing Director Mr. Ryuji Dozono.

“The world of technology is advancing at a very fast rate. We need to continue studying to be able to introduce our customers to our latest products. METALEX is where we get to meet potential customers, and introduce the benefits of our machinery as well as special offers that will be exclusive to METALEX only.
"YAMAZEN is proud of our engineering technology as well as our second-to-none service. At METALEX, we will introduce many solutions to empower metalworking industrialists in Thailand and the ASEAN region. I look forward to welcoming everyone to our stand from 20-23 November.”

Experience the masterpiece machinery and automation solutions from YAMAZEN (THAILAND) CO., LTD. for superior metalworking production at METALEX 2024!
If you inquire someone about their success stories, of course the answer would be vastly different. METALEX is pleased to be a part of the success stories of those who put their trust in us over the years.
YAMAZEN Brings Automated Solutions
from Japan to Thai Metalworking Industrialists

YAMAZEN (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is one of the leading providers of automated machinery and equipment from Japan. In this video, Mr. Ryuji Dozono, Managing Director, recounts the impression that has made the company participate at METALEX year after year.
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