METALEX 2020 has been designed to be equipped with strict preventive measures. We are  working with BITEC to make sure that all participants will go through body temperature check point before entering the show and to wear face masks at all time. There will also be sufficient hand sanitizer points, physical distancing practice, visitor density management and air ventilation and disinfection inside the hall. And after notifying our target visitors about these measures, METALEX team has received positive feedbacks from them reflecting their uplifted confidence in attending the show. Followings are some of the feedbacks from our customers who have confirmed to visit the show :
“METALEX is a good opportunity for the industry. It will be a starting point where automotive manufacturers and government sector can cooperate. Previously, we got good results from visiting the show in terms of support from the organizer and networking with new suppliers and customers. This year we will join METALEX to look up the new technology to continue upgrading our factory to be a full-fledged 4.0 factory.”
“We believe that collaboration is extremely beneficial to the industry, and partnership can lead to such collaboration. That is why our company will not miss being a part of METALEX this year as we are confident in preventive measures prepared such as body temperature check point and face mask regulation.”
“The gathering of industrialists will bring a successful partnership and collaboration. Management and execution plan will also be exchanged, as well as technology that each company can adopt.”
“We will not miss the show this year. METALEX will enable the industry to carry on business. Some automotive assemblers have started asking parts makers to fill their inventory which has consequently increased business for manufacturers in the supply chain.”
“We will definitely visit METALEX. We believe that every organization has the same goal which is to lead business through crisis. Collaboration will ignite brainstorming to seek and find work process as well as more supports within the group.”
“The industry gathering will be beneficial to all in terms of industry-wide supports which will quicken the ends of problems and fasten development. Our company is confident to attend METALEX and in the show’s preventive measures.”
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The current situation has put everyone in unprecedentedly difficult place, but we, at METALEX, want you to know that we are all in this together and we are here for you. We will keep bringing you good business opportunities, technologies, and future. Let us know what you want to see or who you want to meet at METALEX.We’d love to hear from you at Line: @metalexexpo

Health and safety of all participants is our number-one priority. Reed Tradex has prepared strict preventive measures that will make sure you visit our show with peace of mind. If you have questions, please contact us at Line: @metalexexpo
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