eNewsletter 14
Watch these VDOs to learn the interesting and helpful perspectives that will lead your business journey towards smart and green logistics for sustainable tomorrow with these truly long-experienced executives in the logistics industry.
"Green does not mean free. Everything has its price. We have the opportunity to help such as through the use of EV trucks."
"The more e-commerce businesses established, the more products purchased per month and per year, from hundred thousand to million of them. These products are distributed every hour of every day. If we don't apply Smart Logistics to help in the work process, we won't be able to keep up with the time to deliver to the customers."
"In terms of cost, initially entrepreneurs must be willing to invest. It will help them save on many aspects in the future including the environment and industrial waste."
Discover the perfect combination of JWD's expertise in specialized products and SCGL's expertise in industrial products at the SCGJWD booth. Here, you will find ASEAN’s Leading and Most Trusted Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions Provider, ready to support B2B, B2B2C and C2C enterprises with a wide range of services for every industry such as logistics infrastructure, multi-modal transport (road, sea, air, rail) and warehouse & yard management for specialized industry sectors under the framework of sustainable development towards achieving Green Logistics.
Looking for robotic systems for smart & green logistics? Look no further than Robot System Co., Ltd.! One of the leading Robotics System Integrators with the highest expertise in Thailand, the company can provide customers with specialized robot solutions that enable footprint minimization, error-reduction, speed enhancement and operation efficiency with the ability to supervise the entire process from design and construction to installation, and provision of industrial robotics that cutting-edge technologies from top-rated robotics manufacturers specifically designed for the logistics industry.
Are you in need of sustainable, cost-saving, and innovative packaging solutions? Buranapa Group Co., Ltd. has all the answers you need for high quality and variety of packaging options.

Buranapa Group Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of wooden packaging with many years of experience with a commitment to protect the environment and uphold sustainability. The company responsibly sources wooden materials that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified from within Thailand and abroad to ensure that the wood comes from well-managed forests, and also offers eco-friendly corrugated board options. Buranapa Group was also a pioneer in their use of solar cell and by-products to harness clean and sustainable energy to help customers reduce global warming while presenting effective packaging solutions.