The fashion, textile and garment industries are among the sectors affected by COVID-19. This undoubtedly contributed to the idea of sustainable business through the use of innovative and digital technologies, the adoption of BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) model, or seeking new markets to target customers who are mindful of sustainability, the environment and health.

Fortunately, it is predicted that in 2022 it is predicted that fashion, textile and garment industries will grow 10% due to positive signs from 2021 which saw 70% recovery of the market value coupled with the continued growth of the online marketplace. So, how should entrepreneurs transform their business to stand out and become more attractive?
No matter how the garment and textile industry changes, information has always been an effective tool for embroidering new ideas for the future. GFT Blogs is here to deliver the up-to-date news and content full of insights to help you catch the latest technology trends and happenings, inspire your creativity and passion, expand business networks, and design the new pattern of success.
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