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Come join us in promoting efficiency improvements for every industry and reformulate your own success by offering modern management systems to industrial and commercial facilities. Promote your factory design and construction services, software for factory management, maintenance systems, resource management, electrical systems, safety and security, and related solutions, at “FacTech 2024” - ASEAN’s Only Exhibition on Factory Construction, Maintenance, Facility Management, and Technology that will enable you to meet over 90,000 potential customers who are industrialists in the plastics manufacturing, mold & die, automotive parts manufacturing, robots and automation systems, electronics part manufacturing, and surface treatment and coating industries.
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FacTech 2024 is a part of "Manufacturing Expo", ASEAN’s most comprehensive event for manufacturing and support industries consisting of 7 specialized events,  which are “InterPlas Thailand” for plastics manufacturing, “InterMold Thailand” for mold and die making, “Automotive Manufacturing” for automotive parts making, “Assembly & Automation Technology” for Industrial automation systems and assembly technology, “Surface & Coatings” for surface treatment, paints and coatings and “NEPCON Thailand” for electronics part manufacturing.
  • Strategic visitor invitations to the right buyers. 
  • Highly specific direct mail campaigns to our extensively researched customer database. 
  • Radio & TV spots. 
  • Advertising, press releases, and editorial coverage in newspapers, magazines and online channels. 
  • Close liaison with target media and trade associations. 
  • eMarketing via strategic social media. 
  • Show website and ME blogs. 
  • And many more special activities!
The first interesting example is "advanced composites" an engineered materials made from two or more component materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties. It is known for its strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance, excellent durability and flexibility in design which result in increased efficiency. It also has a long service life and is lightweight, which leads to energy saving and reduced environmental impact.
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