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Thai industry is moving toward becoming a green industry, following The Ministry of Industry’s policy to apply the government-initiated BCG (Bio Economy, Circular Economy, Green Economy) model to the industrial sector. This is an attempt to promote the growth of the manufacturing sector, strengthen competitiveness, add value and reduce waste through in-house resource management. The ministry has entrusted the task to drive green industry to the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) which has carried this task out since 2011 through technology and innovation, circular management of resources, and promotion of environmentally friendly production processes with a goal to increase the number of industrial establishments that have been certified green industry to 60% in 2022, and to ultimately increase this ratio to 100% within 2025.*

Get ready to transform Thailand factories to embrace the green trend as well as sustainable BCG model at “FACTECH 2022” – the event for providers of technologies, innovations and solutions that promote eco-friendly products and services to the factory owners, purchasing and operations department, as well as employees and decision-makers who are involved in the factory and warehouse administration. Don't miss this important opportunity to raise the bar for your business. Reserve your space now!

*Source: Thansettakij 
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