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The planet is our home and the most important resource. Hence, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) trend has become globally embraced both by the public and industrial sector. Currently, many developed nations have issued a statement aiming to achieve Carbon Neutrality by the year 2050-2060, and to curbing the average world temperature to rise above 1.5-2°C, the point at which are expected to significantly affect the livelihoods of organisms.* 

Building materials are among the highest carbon emission industries, according to Global Efficiency Intelligence-an energy and environmental consulting and research firm. They estimated that in 2019, the CO2 emissions from steel and cement production accounted for 11% and 7% of the world’s total emission respectively. Although various measures including deployment of alternative fuels and materials have been attempted, or China’s shutdown of low-quality steel mills, the Center for Economic and Business Analysis the Siam Commercial Bank (EIC SCB) deems these to be inadequate. In the future, Thai entrepreneurs would need to consider adopting new clean energy technologies to prevent the loss of opportunities from foreign trade barriers and reduce the potential of higher cost if investment in the transformational technologies are carried out too late.

To help Thai factories achieve a clean, eco-conscious and sustainable future, "FACTECH" will serve as a central platform to connect the technology providers of efficient green technologies with industrial entrepreneurs, factory owners and purchasing influencers to transform their factories along with the ESG trend. Please join us for a cleaner world as well as laying a strong path for your own success!

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