eNewsletter 2
It is a common knowledge that industrial processes generate large amounts of waste, which goes against the trend of environmental awareness, clean energy, and the use of smart technology following Industry 4.0 initiatives. Therefore, the Department of Industrial Works has pushed forward policies to promote efficient management and treatment of industrial waste. This project has been ongoing since 2010, and in 2019 began to develop an automatic authorization system (AI) that allows industrial operators to request for the moving of the waste out of the factory via electronic system. This will help facilitate and reduce procedures for operators. In addition, the Department has also organized a series of workshops along with consulting services and audit factories to follow the standard of good practice. Recently, there are 25 factories that have been awarded the Industrial Waste Management Standard Awards in 2021 and an online ceremony was held to celebrate the strong collaboration between the public and private sectors in managing waste with sustainability.*

There are still many factories that need to upgrade their waste management systems, to be in line with the law and good practice standards. “FACTECH 2021” is a platform for technology presenters related to Factory Waste Management Systems as well as for Factory Construction, Maintenance, Facility Management, and Technology. If you are presenter of one of these technologies, come join us to meet your target buyers from around the country and increase your own trade partners, and drive Thai factory standards towards the future together!

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