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The current value of global beauty market is over US$532 billion*, and it continues to evolve and grow constantly. The pandemic crisis has certainly affected the beauty industry both in terms of beauty trends and business directions. It is forecast that for 2022, the most prominent beauty trend will be hygiene products and beauty products with active ingredients derived from nature and organically grown/harvested. It seems modern consumers pay more attention to personal hygiene, are environmentally-conscious, and tend to avoid strong chemicals that could be harmful on their skin. As a result, beauty brands have to adapt and develop more hygiene products as well as investing more in R&D to find new effective ingredients from nature. For example, the popularity of hemp and cannabis is the trend manufacturers need to study to keep up with the more informed consumers.
At present, the pool of cosmetic OEMs has expanded and each manufacturer has different specialty. Picaso Naturals Laboratory Co., Ltd., one of COSMEX exhibitors, has been a beauty OEM that manufactures cosmetic products, oral care, and hair care products In Thailand for more than 18 years, with a parent company in Japan with over 80 years of experience. The company has developed production technology for small items such as sachets to serve the growing number of SMEs. The company also participates in the research to use natural products such as jasmine rice to manufacture unique beauty products that correspond to the modern consumers’ preferences.

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