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In an age where automakers need to be conscious of the rising costs, how to reduce such costs while increase efficiency has become a prominent strategy. One solution which has been widely adopted is the use automation and robotics technology in automotive assembly lines.

SmartCost Co., Ltd. (SmartCost) recognizes this trend, and will be presenting SmartCost Kios Assembly Solution, which is a complete solution for assembly jobs including screw driver system, nutrunners, and robot automation, all of which are designed to help manufacturers cut costs while improving their accuracy and agility at Automotive Manufacturing 2024.
SmartCost’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Krittakorn Wongsuttipakorn expressed his views on the changes in the automotive industry that “during this challenging transitional period from combustion vehicles to electric vehicles, I also see big opportunity to create a sustainable future. For SmartCost, the relocation of electric vehicle and semiconductor production base to Thailand is a driving force for us. This is the time for Thailand to focus on innovation and step up to become one of the world's leading automotive production centers.”
Mr. Krittakorn also concluded by saying, “At this event, we will join hands with MYTORQ Corp from Taiwan to introduce the MY-Serius Transducer ScrewDriver, an intelligent screw tightening machine. We strive to develop solutions that not only meet the needs of manufacturers but also preserve the environment for future generations. Please visit us at Automotive Manufacturing and get special offers available only to visitors of this event during 19-22 June 2024 at Booth 1B29, Hall 101, BITEC Bangkok.”
Unbox an opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce production costs and speed up your future mobility production with SmartCost Co., Ltd. at Automotive Manufacturing.

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The automotive industry in Thailand is now focusing on developing technologies for electric vehicles. The government aims to make Thailand a production base for electric cars in the region. The government has various measures to accelerate the production and use of pollution-free electric vehicles. The private sector both domestic and abroad responds positively to investment in EV infrastructure and a good EV ecosystem, which helps in speeding up the sustainable growth of the Thai EV industry.
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