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The role of Artificial Intelligence or AI has increased tremendously amidst the pandemic and digital disruption that have been affecting businesses and way of life. Many industries have adopted AI to accelerate their progress to align with other countries. Accordingly, IBM Thailand Co., Ltd. has recommended the following five trends regarding AI that should be monitored in 2022:

1. AI will facilitate 5G to drive the full potential of various industries including manufacturing,
2. AI will help collect and analyze data to provide flexibility in supply chain management as well as carbon accounting to create a sustainable future,
3. AI will reduce overall cost by predicting potential problems in IT systems to prevent them in advance,
4.  AI will enhance customization and improve customer’s experience, and
5. AI will prevent cyberattack and develop security for the supply chain toward “Zero Trust.”*
   Technologies related to the world of manufacturing keep evolving, and AI is one of the prominent technologies both at present and in the future. 

   “Assembly & Automation Technology 2022”, AI and other technologies, including automation, robotics and 5G will be highlighted as technologies that help promote efficiency, reduce costs, connect and manage supply chains. The event will also serve as the center for technology providers and targeted manufacturers to meet and discuss business. Reserve your space today to strengthen your business in the AI era with us!