Sandblasting technology is among the processes widely used to prepare the surface for painting and coating, or to create a particular surface, remove original paint or rust. Fuji Blastech (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of sandblasting machines with a goal to become number one in the world is one of the exhibitors to keep an eye on at Surface & Coatings 2024.

Mr. Hasegawa Mikihiro, Managing Director of Fuji Blastech (Thailand) Co., Ltd., regards surface treatment as a niche but indispensable industry for most manufacturers, and he would like the brand’s sandblasting machines to be more widely known, “we are currently trying to promote our company as a subsidiary of Fuji Manufacturing in Thailand. We believe 2024 will be a year of growth, and we will continue to develop our surface treatment innovations to deliver impressive quality to our customers.”
He also believes exhibiting at Surface & Coatings 2024 will provide greater accessibility to a larger group of customers, “Fuji Blastech aims to increase brand recognition to strengthen our business. We also look forward to introducing environmentally friendly sandblasting machines because some of our machines can be used with plant abrasive media, baking soda and dry ice. Recently, we have developed wet and semi-dry sandblasting machines to accommodate a variety of applications which help reduce working time and resources.

“One of the featured products we will introduce at the show is the SRZ Sirius Z, a high-pressure dry jet glass finishing and polishing equipment. Its automated system allows for reduced time and consistent quality in the workpieces. We also have related products such as consumables and abrasive media, as well as surface polishing service and maintenance service for sandblasting machines on offer.”
Add flawlessness to your surface treatment with high-performance sandblasting machines from Fuji Blastech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. at Surface & Coatings 2024, Booth no. 0F40, Hall 100, from 19-22 June 2024 at BITEC, Bangkok.
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