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NEPCON Thailand 2022
   The market of smart home devices is growing steadily due to the New Normal after COVID-19, where consumers want to touch various devices. The rising energy prices accelerate the need to adapt to sustainability. Smart home devices are often designed to reduce energy consumption, so they offer the perfect solution. Integrated connection helps consumers achieve modern lifestyle while spending less on these cutting-edge technologies.
    Since the outbreak of the global pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine where the Western allies impose trade sanctions on Russia, fuel shortages and rising prices have become rampant. At the same time, sales of smart home devices are experiencing tremendous growth worldwide as one of the solutions to reduce energy consumption, improve security from cyber theft and diseases. For examples, humidity sensors to help monitor air quality, contactless devices, and automation system to help manage household chores. Accordingly, it is estimated that the global market of smart homes will reach $313.95 billion by 2027.
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