eNewsletter 5
In the midst of a highly dynamic market, the trend of smart electronics industry is promoting strong advancement for Thai manufacturing sector with nearly a million workers in this industry. The data from TCEB’s International Exhibition Industry Department shows that the value of Thai electrical equipment exports is up to 24.3 billion USD, while the export value of electrical appliances exceeds 35.6 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, Krungsri Research has predicted the Thai electrical appliances industry will see average annual growth of 2.0-3.0% over the three years from 2021-2023.
Thailand has a huge advantage from having been actively supported by the government in the electrical appliances sector for more than 60 years. This has made the country a favored manufacturing base for many global brands, the latest being Nikon camera which has relocated its plant from Japan to Thailand due to their lower domestic demand. Another example is the Apple brand which has moved 15-30% of its iPhone manufacturing base from China to Southeast Asia as part of its supply chain plans. As many electronic components of IT products worldwide are all located in Thailand and shipped to be assembled at a factory in China (Assembled in China), which is different from the purple iMac that iFixit has received which is stamped Made in Thailand. This means that all parts are manufactured and assembled in Thailand. On another note, Thailand’s Office of Industrial Economics has indicated that in 2020, some 65-70% of all output from the Thai electrical appliances sector was bound for export markets with ASEAN being the largest market, followed by the United States, Japan, the European Union, and China respectively.
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