Future metalworking production will increasingly rely on smart technologies, automation, and system improvement with AI to raise the bar for business, effectively reduce cost and achieve lean manufacturing as much as possible. Let’s find out from this video how cutting-edge smart solutions from Sumipol Corporation Limited help streamline manufacturing transformation for Cotco Metal Works PCL, one of Thailand top ten steel pipe manufacturing companies.
Nowadays, the evolution of various innovations such as the growth of electric cars or the latest medical equipment comes with new challenges in terms of production and inspection. If errors are spotted prior to the actual production or assembly process, manufacturers will be able to save tremendously on costs and time.

Mr. Nuttapol Chamamahattana, Technical Sales Engineer, X-Ray from CARL ZEISS CO., LTD. and his team understand what industrialists need. Therefore, ZEISS will introduce ZEISS X-Ray Series at METALEX 2023 to help part makers inspect and measure workpieces with X-Ray scanners which can even reveal internal details without having to dissect the workpieces. The scanners can also show details of the hard-to-reach angles before sending the workpieces to the next step such as the CNC machines or assembly lines.

“ZEISS never stops searching for solutions through analytics and develop products that are useful for inspection of complex workpieces made with modern technologies as well as helping our customers with digital transformation and IIoT so they can grow their business. Currently, ZEISS is taking part in upgrading and developing the quality inspection of parts production lines in major electric vehicle facilities in Thailand. To see the latest EVs we have helped develop running on the roads will be one of the greatest prides for everyone at ZEISS.

Because our motto is to make the invisible visible.”
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