“For 110 years and counting, Hitachi has been improving lives through various solutions and continue to power up through manufacturing and digital technology.” Mr. Akihiro Ohashi, Executive Director of Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 
extended his vision with METALEX team upon the exclusive interview.
In this challenging period, many businesses have realized the importance and the critical needs to digitalize their processes. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt quickly to new solutions that enable them to function digitally and remotely to optimize their operations. There will likely be a greater focus on digitalization, automation and remote management.

“Through collaborative co-creation, we hope to work together with businesses to build up their resilience and help them stay competitive. Technologies from Hitachi will be able to provide effective and necessary solutions for businesses to optimize their production processes and improve their value chains.”
Hitachi aims to continue contributing to the digital transformation efforts of customers here in Thailand and in the ASEAN region. Lumada is Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation.
Find out more about Lumada and Lumada Center Southeast Asia through these links:
http://bit.ly/20Hitachi1 and  http://bit.ly/20Hitachi2

When METALEX team asked about the reason of expanding Hitachi’s exhibiting space in upcoming METALEX 2020, Mr. Akihiro said that “We hope to be able to provide holistic solutions for entire value chain optimization. With Hitachi’s information technology and operational technology, we will be showcasing more solutions and products this year compared to the last in order to contribute to businesses in Thailand and in ASEAN, and to assist them in building up resilience and a competitive advantage in the long run. This is also to highlight our commitment in supporting Thailand to go further through digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, and in achieving Thailand 4.0.”
At METALEX this year, Hitachi will show the digital technologies and solutions from customer cases that also relates to “Remote Management”, “Workers Safety Care” and “Sharing” to improve not only “Cost-competitiveness” but also “Risk-competitiveness” for a safe, resilient and sustainable manufacturing industry. Some of these include:
  • Remote Management Solutions for Production, Machine, Energy and Quality Control
  • Analytics Solutions for Workers Safety, Machine and Quality Control
  • Sharing Service for Manufacturing
“We look forward to your presence and participation. Please join us to learn more about Hitachi’s technologies and solutions for digital transformation in Manufacturing. Together, we can co-create a better future.” Mr. Akihiro concluded.
Get ready to shape a brighter tomorrow. Today is the beginning of the new day and new business opportunities in the world of machine tools and metalworking solutions.

Let’s play the video to start shaping a brighter tomorrow together.
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