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The opportunity is opening wide for Thai industrialists, as the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Committee approved an investment of approximately 8,000 million baht (240 million USD) to expand the area of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) – a policy to raise the national GDP, since the gross provincial product (GPP) of the EEC prior to COVID-19 was 2,439,557 million Baht, or 14.44% of the country’s total GDP. This latest investment will support the improvement of infrastructure such as industrial development, education, tourism and the environment. Moreover, there are also plans to make this area a hub of integrated healthcare through smart technology.*

According to the Federation of Thai Industries’ report, 12 industries have been identified by the government as engines of economic growth which are Next-Generation Automotive, Industrial Robotics, Intelligent Electronics, Digital, Medical Hubs, Aviation & Logistics, Bioenergy & Biochemicals, Advanced Agriculture and Biotechnology, Food for The Future, High Wealth & Medical Tourism, National Defense, and Workforce and Education. This means the demand for a variety of machinery, technologies, solutions, and tools and materials will rise significantly.
All of these factors indicate the readiness of Thai industry to recover after COVID-19 with the EEC at the center. Let’s empower Thailand manufacturing industry as well as your business competitiveness at “Manufacturing Expo 2022” – an event designed to boost every supporting industry, facilitate quality trade network expansion and knowledge exchange, to help Thailand’s economic recovery toward the future!

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