“The COVID-19 pandemic is surely a biggest challenge business owners have faced this year, which will lead us to a next chapter of manufacturing sector. There is no better time to change ourselves and embrace more technologies for your businesses”

Dr. Sampan Silapanad
President of Electronic & Computer Employer's Association, Vice President
Western Digital Corporation
“COVID-19 crisis is a wake-up call for us to seriously take up a reform and put digital transformation into action for business continuity and sustainability. We can no longer keep ignoring the change and expect the different results”

Ms. Suwannee Singluedej
President and Chief Executive Officer
Siemens Industrial Business.
"Industry is expected to be severely hit by COVID-19. It is vital to adapt our short-term production and inventory planning in accordance with market situation. What’s not to change is our brand proposition. We just have to quickly evolve ourselves to maintain our competitiveness in upcoming digital era"

Mr. Sanpetch Tangsawapark
Vice President - Corporate Planning, Marketing & Sales Strategy
Nissan Motor Thailand
“COVID-19 gives us a good lesson for rethinking about flexible supply chain, financial backup plan, liquidity management and readiness to adjust the business model to cater the ever-changing demand of customers and government’s policy”

Mr. Sornchai Suneta
Director of Thai Financial Planners Association and Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer
SCB Securities Company Limited
On 24 June, manufacturing experts will be gathered together in Manufacturing Forum Webinar to reveal where Thailand’s manufacturing will be heading to after Covid-19 and recovery plan for businesses. This will open up the greatest opportunity for you to reach out to industrial experts and ask them questions regarding your businesses from anywhere!
You can download "Zoom" application for the webinar as the link below
The situation surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving. The health and safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority and following the expert advice of government and the public health authorities, we have decided to postpone shows under Manufacturing Expo to 23-26 June 2021

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