Reach out to new customers and keep in touch with your existing buyers, even you are not available to exhibit at Manufacturing Expo 2021, through our new package “Remote Participation Package”. The package will help present your brand and recruit buyers for you during 4 days of the exhibition while providing a variety of benefits as the following:
  1. Real-Time Interact; By using digital features both exhibitors and visitors can interact with each other on a real-time basis
  2. Intermediate access to visitor information; exhibitors can acquire information and interact with them
  3. Easy access from anywhere in the world; you can navigate visitors who visit their booth
  4. Connect 365 days with your buyers; let your company and products stay in front line through our marketing channel both offline and digital throughout 365 days
Wonder How? Please contact us Natchaya Mungmai
Tel: 66-2686-7287 Email: manufacturingexposales@reedtradex.co.th
Manufacturing Expo 2021 will be the all-under-one-roof, business-inducing venue for industrialists to discover the most leading-edge ways to improve their productivity and product value. The combination of 5 shows, each dedicated to specific industries, will offer you the true chance to max out your opportunities and achieve your business goal with us.

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