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How do your products/services help create values or improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain operations? 

With our 3PL service and VSS (Vehicle Sharing Service), it is possible to optimize the entire logistics such as cost reduction, quality improvement, inventory reduction, and BCP supporting as well. VSS is our new service for matching consignors and delivery companies, using data analytics engine to dispatch an appropriate vehicle for each delivery order. This service makes it possible to select an appropriate vehicle based on real-time data, by matching attributes such as automobile type, temperature, delivery driver’s reputational score, traffic information. Also, delivery companies can benefit from this service because it improves the efficiency of using out-of-service vehicles across their transport fleet. Other than that, this Service also contributes towards a reduction in man hours and fuel costs for transport operators as well as environmental protection (traffic congestion & PM2.5 reduction). 
What challenges does COVID-19 bring, and how should business owners in other business sectors adapt to survive during this crisis?

The challenge is to maintain business continuity when the supply chain is disrupted due to worldwide lockdown. Therefore, it is important to have a flexible management system utilizing the Internet and to strengthen the supply chain now. With our expertise and experience from local and global operations, we will accelerate collaborative creation not only with other logistic companies but also with companies in other industries in Thailand to expand and strengthen logistics service.
 Find out how digital logistics can empower your business operations
Visit Hitachi Transport System booth at TILOG-LOGISTIX
From 26-28 Aug 2020, BITEC Bangkok www.tilog-logistix.com
Unexpected event such as the outbreak of COVID-19 since the beginning of this year creates a strong impact on the logistics industry, as can be seen from the affected supply chain due to various cities and countries being locked down. Almost every business needs to swiftly change from offline to online model through various e-commerce platforms.

Be ready for the “New Normal” by re-strategizing your business, and catch up with the latest trends in logistics to grow sustainably at TILOG-LOGISTIX 2020 under the theme “Digital Logistics”. Participants will get to learn about the latest technology in the world of logistics, intelligent solutions from major operators and startups in order to quickly adapt and develop business strategies; as well as participating in activities and seminars to promote the growth of logistics in Thailand and ASEAN.
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