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Today’s logistics industry greatly benefits from digital technology transformation. The industry’s growth is visible during the unexpected times such as the current COVID-19 situation which contributes to the sharp rise in e-commerce and food delivery through applications. Many new business models have been invented, and same-day or express delivery has garnered value of over Bt30,000 million* while e-commerce has grown by 80% among surveyed participants in the first two months**. These reflect the current logistics industry’s landscape and remind entrepreneurs to keep up with the market demands at all times, to be adept at investing in the right technological tools, as well as sourcing a reliable supply chain for flawless logistical procedures. All of these elements will promote continual progress for everyone in the industry along with their clients and consumers.
“TILOG-LOGISTIX 2020 - The Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Logistics Service Providers and Intralogistics Technologies & Solutions” under the theme “Digital Logistics” will promote  the logistics industry of Thailand during the challenging times of today’s economics by bringing to our exhibitors target business partners from four major industries, including Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Automotive and Electronics, plus Logistics Service Providers from both local and overseas. There will also be seminars, innovation showcase and special networking activities and many others on site which will help logistics businesses quickly adapt to the digital era. This is an important opportunity to strengthen your foundation for success amidst the changing business environment.

*Source: Matichon
**Source: Bangkok Biz News
TILOG-LOGISTIX 2020 promotes a seamless flow of logistics for entrepreneurs in Thailand and ASEAN. This event will deliver the center of solutions that empowers logistics providers’ competitiveness and capability in the growing market. Every need to fulfill required networks, innovations and knowledge will be here.

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