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SP Intermach Co., Ltd. was established 21 years ago by a group of experts with more than 35 years combined experience in injection mold machinery, and is Thailand’s official sole agent of Haitian Plastics Injection Molding Machines.

SPI is proven to be a trusted and skilled agent that provides a full range of services, including installation, commissioning, after sales service, preventative maintenance, and stock parts and a 24-hour hotline. Machine demonstrations and mold trials are open and available to all prospective customers in an easily accessible showroom in SPI’s Bangkok headquarters.

Now, we are proud to be the agent of Niigata all-electric injection molding machines. Those who have tested and used Niigata’s machines know exactly what they offer - high precision, stable production, short setup and cycle times, eco-friendliness, IoT compatibility and most of all, reliability.
Increase Your Productivity with Niigata All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

Achieve greater productivity with fewer machines. Niigata all-electric injection molding machines dramatically increase your output compared to even the most efficient servo hydraulic machines. All electrics are amazingly fast and quiet. Your cycle times shrink 10%, 20%, 30% and more.

You have less scrap. Niigata’s are ready for full production after the first cycle, so there is less regrind, and you aren’t losing cycles, and time, getting into full production.

The incredible precision of Niigata’s digital electric injection molding machines ensures perfect parts cycle after cycle. Niigata’s repeatability helps you reduce waste and manufacture more in a fraction of the time.
Come see the superior machines from Niigata for yourself at InterPlas Thailand 2024 and set yourself up for sustainable productivity!
InterPlas Thailand will reinforce business growth of plastics industry players with sustainable solutions from over 300 brands of machinery, technologies, chemicals, raw materials, and beyond who will meet tens of thousands of plastics manufacturers from the widest array of sectors including packaging, food and beverage, automotive, cosmetics, medical device, furniture, and more.
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