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Plastics play vital roles in everyday life and manufacturing industry, just like the increasing significance of the environment. Therefore, Plastic manufacturers need to be conscious of and be able to adapt to this green trend
“InterPlas Thailand 2023,” – the most comprehensive show of the latest machinery, you will discover a path to increase business success as well as the latest machinery and recycling technologies, materials and more from more than 300 leading brands. Moreover, seminars and networking activities will provide a platform for over 50,000 industrialists to discuss about industrial approaches that comply with the BCG policy and sustainable plastic production. Industrialists will also be able to learn about how to pivot to high-value products including medical devices, auto parts, building materials, etc. Along with topics that create business advantages.
InterPlas Thailand is a part of “Manufacturing Expo,” ASEAN’s leading machinery and technology for manufacturing and supporting industries consisting of five specializing events for plastics, mold and die, auto-parts, industrial automation, and surface and coatings technologies to ensure every participant will be able to maximize their business opportunities to the fullest with us.
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