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Trust in the reliability of mold quality for electric appliances, automotive parts, motorcycles and many other industries with mold subcontracting services from Power Mold Factory Co., Ltd., whose principle focuses on manufacturing exceptional quality molds according to the customers’ designs and deadlines with expertise from the team that has over 30 years of experience.

One of the exhibitors at InterPlas Thailand, 
Power Mold is a leading mold manufacturer with a full suite of injection molding machines and a factory in Thailand. These advantages enable cost and time reduction from supply chain and logistics disruption with prompt after-sales service. In addition, there is a rental service for injection machines ranging in sizes from 130-1850 tons for customers to test injecting a sample workpiece. Thus, Power Mold offers a one-stop service center for mold making that truly matches the specified orders.

Industrialists from various industries including the medical tools and equipment and eco-car industry are invited to seek further advice to fulfill your mold requirements from Power Mold Factory Co., Ltd. at InterPlas Thailand 2022!
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