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Clearpack Groupa leading provider of automatic packaging and Intra-logistics solutions for FMCG and Manufacturing sectors along with its partner company (Jaten Robots), will be joining to present their best-in-class technology for Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and a new generation RF/WIFI enabled shuttle to help ASEAN industrialists bolster their factory and warehouse management efficiency.
Clearpack’s AGVs are offered with different Navigation technologies like Laser Navigation, Natural Navigation, and Magnetic Tape navigation along with The Fleet management software.

As for the new generation RF/WIFI enabled shuttle, it is ideal for automatic storage of multi-depth pallets within the traditional warehouse racks. This allows greater pallet density and is able to work according to both FIFO and LIFO logic. The shuttle can be adaptable for AGVs and stacker crane automation.

Mr. Manu Kalra, Vice President Marketing of Clearpack revealed about exhibiting that
“We hope to meet customers from various industries including plastics, automotive, and electrical appliances sectors and support their automation journey with our products and experience.

“We are also doing a Technical Seminar during the event on June 23 at 10AM at Meeting Room 210
, the second floor of BITEC, to give live demo of AGV systems and share key learnings from our executed projects.”
“Clearpack along with our partner company, Jaten Robots, would like to invite customers to see our AGVs and warehousing solutions in actions. Experts would be available to discuss internal factory logistics solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Allow us to help your automation journey to save cost and improve productivity and safety at workplace.”
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