eNewsletter 6
The plastics industry keeps evolving steadily. New trends always emerge in response to changing technologies and consumer demands. Since Thailand is one of the major plastic producers and exporters, as well as an important link in the global value chain for several major industries such as automotive, electric and electronics parts, food and packaging, agricultural supplies, medical appliances and others, these are the 6 megatrends that plastic manufacturers need to rapidly study and prepare to pivot their operations accordingly.
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1. Future of Mobility
Autonomous vehicles driven by clean energy and built with alternative materials will become increasingly popular with both drivers and automakers in the future.
2. Digital Technology
Businesses must adopt state-of-the-art technologies such as Big Data, AI, Metaverse, Blockchain and authentication, among others, to increase competitiveness and success.
3. Innovating to Zero
The increasing environmental mindset will encourage the development of environmentally friendly innovations to reduce waste and toxic air while also saving energy.
4. Intensive Sustainability
Manufacturing sectors and businesses must learn and adapt to international policies with a focus on creating long-term sustainability of the ecosystem.
5. Health Wellness
& Well Being
The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in the development of modern medical equipment and technologies including remote doctor consultancy, symptom diagnosis, and patient treatments.
6. Rising of Biotechnology
Biotechnology will increasingly play a role in the manufacturing sectors to meet diverse needs such as in the bioplastics, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries.*
*Source: Plastics Institute of Thailand
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