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  The plastic waste crisis has become a global issue due to the widespread of single-use plastics and the lack of efficient waste management which result in global warming. Inevitably, Thailand also faces this issue just like many other countries.

   Since Thailand is one of the major plastic producers and exporters, there is a move to encourage the use of real 'Bioplastics' made from plants instead of single-use plastics produced from petrochemicals. Consumers can distinguish real bioplastics from the following certification marks on the products including: 1. GC Compostable / 2. ASTM D6400 / 3. EN 13432 / 4. ISO 17088 and 5. TIS 17088-2012. 
Recently, The Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA) have organized an online forum 'When consumers and manufacturers need to join hands to take care of the world' to provide information on the situation of the plastic waste crisis both on the global level and within Thailand. The forum reported that at present, Thailand's bioplastics are growing at an average rate of 15% annually, and there are 5 business groups in the country that have already started to use more bioplastic products which are hotels, restaurants, academic institutions, hospitals, and real estates.*
*Source: Salika.co
It's time to be considerate of nature while driving the Thai plastic industry forward. "InterPlas Thailand 2022" will serve as the center of the latest knowledge that is up-to-date with industrial developments as well as offering a showcase of cutting-edge machinery and solutions for plastics manufacturing with sustainability and environmentally-consciousness at the same time.
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