The plastics industry has been a part of Thailand's manufacturing sector for a long time. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to quickly transform themselves to stay competitive and be able to enjoy new opportunities in the new normal. Participating in trade exhibitions is a brilliant options to help achieve this goal.

"Trade exhibitions such as InterPlas Thailand helps promote the engagement of industrialists, especially from the Thai plastics industry. By involving a wide range of participants, the show will provide a platform where manufacturers can find a one-stop center and gain knowhow as well as advice directly from technology providers. This will help them learn about the strategies for transforming their businesses to grow along with the market.”

Mr. Veera Kwanloetchit 
President Plastics Institute of Thailand
Stay on top of Thailand’s plastics industry and all the important movements. Read the full interview with President of Plastics Institute of Thailand here.
"InterPlas Thailand 2021" is ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Machinery, Technology, Chemicals, and Raw Materials for Plastics Manufacturing. Don’t miss the year’s major venue to expand your market base.

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