Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, plastics have played a vital role in preventing the spread of the virus. Medical Devices, Protective Gears, and Face Shields are mostly made from plastics which keep social distancing possible. While plastic packaging, bags, cutleries, and straws from food deliveries are essential in promoting hygiene to prevent infection.

However, it’s undeniable that plastic waste is surging significantly against the backdrop of the crisis. According to the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), the daily amount of plastic waste has increased by 15%, from 5,500 tons/day to 6,300 tons/day. The solutions for this issue are effective waste sorting and recycling systems that need to be established immediately. 
Since environmental crisis will be a new challenge for the government and private sector, the implementation of Circular Economy concept will gain prominence in the post-COVID era. By starting with proper plastic waste sorting and cleaning before it is discarded, plastic waste can become ‘value-added’ and be produced into a variety of recycled and upcycled products that go back into the hands of end consumers. 

To realize this idea, on 18 May, Thailand Responsible Business Network (TRBN) launched a pilot project “Send Plastic Home” with the aim to encourage everyone to properly sort and deliver plastic waste at drop-off points on the major spots around Bangkok.

Apart from the government’s environmental campaign, businesses have to prepare for the changes in terms of ecosystem, consumers’ norms, and perspectives that are leaning toward sustainability. The thriving businesses are the ones willing to adapt and respond to the new normal after the crisis.

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“InterPlas Thailand 2020” kicks off the new chapter to elevate the new age of plastic manufacturing after the crisis. Discover the broadest range of technologies and its demonstrations including injection molding, plastic parts, blowing, plastic packaging production, and recycling processes.

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