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The entire mold-making community will gather at InterMold Thailand to discover latest mold manufacturing and maintenance technologies, including tools and tooling and 3D printing technology as well as mold OEM’s from over 250 brands. They will also meet industry gurus and peers to exchange ideas and business opportunities at this once-a-year meeting place.

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from 19-22 June 2024 at BITEC, Bangkok!
In the world of mold and industrial parts manufacturing in Thailand, "Factory Max Co., Ltd." is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive tools, equipment, and solutions. With extensive experience and a commitment to delivering quality and standards, the company has continuously built trust with its customers. This year, Factory Max is taking a step further with robust strategies to enhance its customers' competitiveness amidst economic challenges. We will delve into three key strategies that will drive the company's future success: importing cutting-edge technology, expanding into international markets, and fostering sustainable business partnerships.
As part of its strategy to import cutting-edge technology, the company has partnered with NS Tool Co., Ltd. from Japan to introduce the latest end mill model, MLFH330. This collaboration reflects the company's dedication to providing advanced technology and innovative solutions to mold manufacturers in Thailand.

Mr. Wittaya Taweedech, General Manager of Factory Max Co., Ltd., stated, "The collaboration with NS Tool reinforces our vision of offering the best solutions in the manufacturing process to customers in Thailand.
Participating in InterMold Thailand is a great opportunity to introduce this new high-performance and technologically advanced end mill to our customers."

The NS Tool MLFH330 end mill features three flutes, is made of high-quality materials, and is coated with MUGEN COATING PREMIUM, which enhances durability and cutting performance. It is also suitable for cutting hardened steel up to 65 HRC, significantly improving production efficiency and reducing machining time.
Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your production efficiency and reduce costs with the new end mill from NS Tool, which can be found at the Factory Max, Booth no.1E21 Hall 101 at InterMold Thailand 2024. 
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