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The world population continues to grow every day, which contributes to greater concern about the state of the environment as well as food scarcity. There have been efforts by industrial sector and scientists to create synthetic meat with 3D printers in the past as one of the solutions, which yielded results similar to ground meat. However, a recent attempt by scientists at Osaka University to create wagyu beef from stem cell with a 3D printing technology became a huge success. The meat resembles a real steak with complex features of muscle fibres, veins and the unique wagyu marbling*. This is an experimental breakthrough and could be one of mankind's answers to global warming and food shortages that are being discussed widely in every part of the world today.
                                                                                           *Source: The DailyMail
Mold & die industry is unique because of its applicability to various other industries, including food industry. This flexibility offers endless opportunities for manufacturers. The same goes for providers of mold & die technologies and solutions. “InterMold Thailand 2022” is the center of advancements in mold & die manufacturing technologies through presentation of machinery, solutions, raw materials and knowledge related to mold & die production and maintenance from around the world. The show is also equipped with business matching service and platforms to promote networking on a grand scale. Join us at this event to discover endless potential of the mold & die industry while shaping your own business capability. 
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