For many years, Thailand has been one of the world's most important producers and exporters of textile and garment products. The latest information in December 2023 by the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry, revealed a total number of 2,607 factories in the Thai textile and garment industry, with a total investment of 1,140 million THB (32 million USD).

With the rapid dynamics of modern technologies as well as the development of versatile AI, many Thai manufacturers have started to incorporate cutting edge innovations with distinguished design and reliable quality that have earned international credibility for products ‘Made in Thailand’. In particular, four categories of products will be in high demand that manufacturers should take note of, which include medical textiles, sportswear, technical and functional textiles, and textile related to Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG)

To empower Thai textile and garment manufacturers, “GFT 2024” will serve as a center for both providers in Thailand and from overseas to introduce modern technologies such as embroidery machines, sewing machines, fabric printers, functional textile, accessories, software, automated systems and AI, to OEM manufacturers of apparels and uniforms to the target buyers and purchasers. Our exhibitors will also get exposed to new potential market segments such as those from the interior design, automotive fittings, and medical and agriculture. Join us by reserving your exhibit space today to boost your business at the right event!
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