The time has come to transform textile and garment industry! The preparation for GFT 2024 has kicked off to help add value to your business in ASEAN by offering a stage for you to showcase the latest technologies and machinery, trendy accessories, as well as eccentric ideas to enhance productivity for textile and garment entrepreneurs. Special activities will be organized concurrently to increase your opportunity to network with target business partners from all over the region. Don’t miss the stylish event of the year to transform the pattern of your business.
  • Strategic visitor invitations to the right buyers.
  • Highly specific direct mail campaigns to our extensively researched customer database.
  • Radio & TV spots.
  • Advertising, press releases, and editorial coverage in newspapers, magazines and online channels.
  • Close liaison with target media and trade associations.
  • eMarketing via strategic social media.
  • Show website and GFT Blogs.
  • And many more special activities!