SKT. Embroidery Co., Ltd. is a specialist in computer embroidery machines and screen printing machines with more than 40 years of experience. At GFT, we are proud to introduce the Brother GTX Pro and GTX pro Bulk t-shirt printers, as well as the latest Mimaki brand of direct cloth printers and sublimation printers from Japan to respond to the needs and lifestyles of modern customers in the digital era.
Brother GTX Pro and GTX Pro Bulk:
DTG (Direct to Garment) t-shirt printer is of world-class quality, sharp, fast, low cost, easy to use, and also has a variety of working techniques even for OVP. We have an experienced team ready to provide recommendations and techniques for a variety of work required.
Mimaki Sublimation Printer:
Sublimation Printer from Mimaki has the fastest printing speed in its class, with high precision and detail preservation. True colors are achieved with the printing head checking and adjusting automatically to yield the best printing quality.
Every SKT. Machine is designed for the digital age. There is a multitude of functions that support the needs of modern consumers and a variety of work. We can accommodate personalized order even for just one piece of work, which corresponds with the modern trend where everyone wants something unique to them.

SKT. has a turnkey service including machinery offer, working techniques, fast on-hand service with a convenient contact center. Therefore, we are ready to fulfill every dimension of customer demand.
Embrace new possibilities with digital direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Let’s together enter the age of small lot customization to make your products unique, cost-effective, and appealing to new-gen customers.  
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