Smart textile are fabrics integrated with technologies that provide the wearer with functionality. For the past years, there have been efforts to mainstreaming and commercialization of wearable technologies, and such efforts have driven the developments of smart textiles and clothing. According to the news agency Textiletoday, the global market for smart textiles stood at $2.75 billion in 2016. The high adoption of smart textiles in apparel and fashion industries is set to boost the apparel market with a value of $130 billion by 2025.

Smart textile is one of the ongoing trends in the world of apparel and fashion businesses. There are opportunities for various players to enter at different stages of the value chain. New applications of smart textiles in the medical industry have paved the way for the creation of smart innovative products such as masks embed with antiviral textile technology. Moreover, smart textile has also found its way into sportswear and fashion products, offering added-value functionality to the consumers. It is clearly evident smart textile is the future; businesses that are able to embrace this emerging trend are meant to survive and grow. GFT New Gen will continue updating news that might impact the fashion production industry through various channels, including our social media platforms.
How Young Designers Create Powerful Brand Identity?

Creating strong tight community and recognizable logos are far more important than designing the next fashion collection according to an article written by Vogue Business. As digitalization becomes more prevalent, allowing fashion brands to explore new markets, branding is becoming more valuable; it can cultivate customer loyalty and boost revenue. Furthermore, passionate customers who feel that they are part of a community are great asset to fashion businesses’ marketing and growth…
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(Source: Vogue Business,
February 2020)
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