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    In 2022, Thai factories will need to urgently adopt the green trend. This is in order to comply with the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) policy designated by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry.

    DIW has announced three key plans for 2022 with the first being to enforce more strict laws on establishments that release their chemical waste and wastewater into public rivers without following the appropriate protocol. The second is to try to control industrial waste from going out of the system and to manage this waste in a timely manner. The third is to drive the green factory policy to achieve the goal of “Eco Industrial Towns” where communities and factories coexist sustainably in 5 dimensions - physical, economic, social, environmental and management dimensions as per the 20-year development project. The goal is to include 60% of the 65,000 factories in 39 provinces and 53 areas into the system by 2037. The short-term goal is to upgrade these eco industrial towns to 18 industrial areas by the year 2027.

    Changes are often accompanied by national policies that operators and factory owners must keep an eye on. Be sure you don’t miss this valuable information, and catch up on the latest innovations, technologies, systems and solutions, as well as meeting with industrial colleagues and leaders to join forces in upgrading your factory to standards together for the sustainable future growth at “FACTECH 2022” - ASEAN’s Only Exhibition on Factory Construction, Maintenance, Facility Management, and Technology!

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