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    One of Thailand's main sources of income is the industrial sector. Therefore, the periodical closures of some factories due to COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 created a huge impact. To restore the manufacturing sector as well as investor confidence, The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)* has proposed four policies to drive the economy under the concept to allow factory operation amid COVID. These four policies include “Bubble and Seal” policy that the government supports random test among factory employees every 14 days to allow low-risk employees to work normally, a policy to set up Factory Quarantine and Factory Accommodation Isolation for factories with over 300 personnel, a policy to set up Community Quarantine (CQ) and Community Isolation (CI) with a number of beds for patients no less than 5% of the employees in the community, and a policy to allocate vaccines for a group of high-risk employees aged 40-59 years old, a group of employees working in factories where the report cases of positive COVID are more than 50%, and employees working in the crucial industries. These policies are believed to efficiently help the country’s industrial sector to recover.

  To support the safe opening of the factory with a worry-free environment and drive continuity to the overall economy, “FACTECH 2022” will serve a platform for providers of technologies, innovations and solutions that promote factory safety to present products and services to the factory owners, purchasing and operations department, as well as employees and decision-makers who are involved in the factory and warehouse administration.

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