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Making a giant leap in business will be a smooth ride if you connect with OEMs of high quality, experience, and turnkey services. Examples of these include Thailand’s leading cold process soap manufacturer Siam Asian Soap Enterprise Co., Ltd., the Japanese quality packaging producer Thai Kamaya Co., Ltd., and the leading skincare and cosmetic OEM with multiple international certifications ICT Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Come meet them in person for tailored advice at COSMEX 2022.
Thailand's Leading Cold Process Soap Maker

Soap is one of the necessary household items in every home and residence. Therefore, the soap market is a large playing field for growing business. If you are looking to start a brand of good quality soap, then meet “Siam Asian Soap Enterprise Co., Ltd.”, Thailand’s leading soap OEM with a technology to produce smooth texture soaps with high manufacturing capacity, which has earned them top clients both locally and abroad.

“Our company started as a family business. We developed Cold Process for soap making through machinery for speedy output. Moreover, we also provide branding services such as brand building and Thai FDA registration for our partners.”
The company’s Managing Director, Mr. Pubet Boontomatalod, also added  “We are planning to expand our manufacturing facility to accommodate an annual increase in demand, which we believe in offering both high quality and speed of services. Our clients can trust that they will receive both of these from Siam Asian Soap. Please come meet us to find out how we may collaborate at COSMEX 2022.”  
Opt For The Perfect Packaging Technologies

Thai Kamaya Co., Ltd. started its business by manufacturing cosmetic packaging products from plastics. Since its establishment in 1989 and receiving support from the BOI, the company has been providing services to customers both in Thailand and abroad. In addition to cosmetic packaging, the company also manufactures electronics components, automotive parts, and electrical appliances. Therefore, the company can always accommodate a diverse range and ever-changing market demands.

“Most of our customers are Japanese companies. The products that we manufacture incorporates outstanding technologies such as vacuum Metalizing, Spray Coating, Airbrush, Printing , Hot Stamping, Laser Marking, and many other to add value to the workpieces that come from plastic injection molding according to the customer's request.”
The company’s president Mr. Kinjiro Nakano, explains the business model as well as the rationale for joining COSMEX 2022 for the first time:

“The beauty industry especially in the skincare and toiletries segments have always shown impressive growth. COSMEX is an exhibition dedicated to featuring a wide range of cosmetic manufacturers where visitors will discover exciting and beautiful products that inspire their business development. For our participation this year, our main targets are cosmetic entrepreneurs and other businesses aiming to improve their product images, so we are planning to showcase a variety of products at this event.”

Perfect Blend of Innovation and OEM Services

If you are looking for quality cosmetics OEM with turnkey services, ICT Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the ideal partner. As the company’s Director "Khun Saritrach Piboonswasdi" said We pay attention to every detail from the origin of product development until the product reaches the customer, and to keep the cost feasible for both small and large enterprises.

The popular beauty trend this year is the combination of the advantages of cosmetics and skin care as one. For example, cosmetics that provide SPF and skin-nourishing properties, or skincare that can brighten the skin’s look. Another trend is sustainability which we respond by developing recyclable and biodegradable packages, as well as product formulas that are free from toxic ingredients. The popularity of naturally derived active ingredients has also led us to study trending ingredients including centella Asiatica, green tea, tea tree and hemp.

“Our factory has been certified with ISO22716, ISO13485 and HALAL standards. The proclivity for innovation is in our DNA with 30+ years of know-how. Our key products include the Color and Cosmetic Skincare ranges. At COSMEX 2022, we will highlight skincare for acne-prone skins infused with natural active ingredients and smudge-free makeup that will not transfer to your masks. We believe this event will provide an opportunity for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs to meet directly with the suitable manufacturers and acquire helpful advice from the experts who are truly knowledgeable in their fields.”
Let's Reunite in our All-inclusive Beauty Platform
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