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COSMEX would like to invite beauty entrepreneurs to update and create beauty products to welcome the major trend of 2022 - “Diversity & Inclusion.” This charming beauty movement encourages you and everyone around you to cherish and respect individual’s unique beauty. Join us to celebrate this trend at COSMEX 2022 under the theme Beauty Beyond boundaries during 1-3 November 2022 at BITEC, Bangkok. 
The Diversity & Inclusion trend has increased its prominence especially in the beauty industry that will become even more apparent in 2022, with many industry gurus defining Diversity & Inclusion as a multifaceted and boundaryless beauty.
There will be no discrimination against gender, skin color, race, or sexual orientation. All beauty standards will be celebrated and valued. This is the origin behind the theme of COSMEX 2022 "Beauty Beyond Boundaries" that will invite entrepreneurs in the beauty industry to update trends, find inspiration to create something new and better, and help to elevate beauty standards to a new level together.
In 2017, there was a small revolution in the beauty industry led by Rihanna, a world-renowned pop artist who launched a cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty which offered a huge selection of 40 different shades of foundations. This was an impressive debut because the brand represents diversity and inclusion, as well as showing that beauty can be embraced by every woman of every skin color.
Accordingly, entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, brand owners, and OEM/ODM around the world need to pay close attention to the voices of their consumers. At the same time, they will need to research and develop new products that align with the needs of diverse markets which will consequently create unprecedented value and influence in the beauty industry.
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