eNewsletter 9
Signaling devices are integral in every industry because they improve safety and efficiency in operation. PATLITE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. holds the top position globally in market share for signaling devices that uses high-tech engineering and was established almost eight decades ago. The company is prepared to showcase a wide range of products at Assembly and Automation Technology 2024.

“Products of PATLITE will demonstrate their versatility in adapting to different control systems and offering tailored solutions for diverse signaling requirements.” Mr. Hiroaki Fujii, the company’s Managing Director describes the products’ features as well as the reasons for joining the event.
“Assembly and Automation Technology 2024 stands out as one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the ASEAN region. Participating companies regularly showcase innovative services, and attendees are intrigued by the potential collaborations among them. Our goal is to extend the reach of PATLITE's services to a broader customer base. We also schedule to unveil the wireless product line, the WIO Series, on 2024, July 1st which will mark its debut in Thailand, promising innovative solutions for various industrial needs.
As a pioneering force in signal devices, we are committed to addressing all requirements. Our products streamline monitoring processes, making them efficient and straightforward.”
Let PATLITE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. help elevate the monitoring of your operation with smart signaling devices at Assembly and Automation Technology 2024, Booth no. 8H11, Hall 98, from 19-22 June 2024, at BITEC, Bangkok!
Come break through previous limitation with the intelligence of automated systems for manufacturing and services at Assembly and Automation Technology where 475 brands of automation and robotics technologies as well as system integrators will meet tens of thousands of manufacturers from both a vast range of industrial and service sectors. This is an all-in-one stop where your every need for automated solutions will be met.