eNewsletter 3
The Intelligence of Automated Manufacturing & Services
The use of robots in place of human workers will become more widespread around the world in both the manufacturing and service sectors when labor shortage becomes a more pressing issue in an aging society. In the case of Thailand, a report from the Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior, indicates that 1 in 5 of the population, or approximately 13 million people, are already aged 60 years and over. Accordingly, jobs with safety risks such as carriers in the logistics business or workers in the production lines will need to rely more and more on robots.
Assembly and Automation Technology 2024 is a part of "Manufacturing Expo", ASEAN’s most comprehensive event for manufacturing and support industries consisting of 7 specialized events,  which are “InterPlas Thailand” for plastics manufacturing, “InterMold Thailand” for mold and die making, “Automotive Manufacturing” for automotive parts making, “Assembly & Automation Technology” for Industrial automation systems and assembly technology, “Surface & Coatings” for surface treatment, paints and coatings, “NEPCON Thailand” for electronics part manufacturing, and “FACTECH” for construction and management of factories to ensure every participant will be able to maximize their business opportunities to the fullest with us.
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