eNewletter 9
ABB Robotics has launched two new collaborative robots (Cobot). These were GoFa and SWIFTI which not only correspond to the needs of the industry but can also be used in consumer areas with the ability to carry more weight and work faster which enhances the capabilities of ABB’s cobots known under the name YuMi which are available in both dual-arm and single-arm versions.
This new generation of cobots are stronger, faster and more efficient. This new set of functionalities will allow ABB to expand its business into high-growth sectors including electronics, healthcare, consumer goods, transportation, and food and beverages, for examples. They also help to support the ever-growing demand for automation in a variety of industries. At Assembly & Automation Technology 2022, we will feature GoFa so everyone can see live demonstration closely.
Our primary customers and users of ABB robots are manufacturers from a wide range of sectors including automotive parts, food and beverage, health-related enterprises, electronics, transportation, logistics, as well as leading educational institutions in Thailand.

Assembly & Automation Technology is one of the leading exhibitions that focuses on the cutting-edge engineering and innovative technologies. The show is the center of attention that welcomes industrialists from different profiles to visit and experience various machinery and applications to improve their business. Therefore, we would like to take part in this event to help drive industrial development in Thailand toward higher efficiency and sustainability.

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