Nowadays, robots have been developed to facilitate the flow of many industries. Healthcare is one important field associated with people’s wellness and has been benefiting directly from robots, especially in an age where everyone has to live with the epidemics such as COVID-19 which imposes many restrictions on medical treatment. One of the prime examples of how robots are acknowledged in the medical field in Thailand is the project developed between TKK Corporation Limited and Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM), which is a significant milestone reflecting the cooperation between the government and private agencies to develop and create innovations for specific application. The goal is to create medical robots that can work seamlessly with existing devices and software, reduce human contact, speed up management and services for the patients, increase efficiency by reducing errors, and save energy and the environment by storing data in digital form instead of paper. All of these will be in line with Thailand’s development strategy towards becoming a Thailand Medical Hub and Thailand 4.0*.
*Source: Salika.co
   The Thai manufacturing and supporting industries have been using robots for many years. However, technology has made a great leap through AI and 5G, and the demands for robotics have greatly diversified for specific purposes such as industrial, medical, service, agriculture, and many others. The number of users also keeps growing exponentially. To promote the development of robotics in Thailand to be on par with international standards, please be invited to
“REX: ASEAN Robomation Expo,” the most comprehensive event on robotics and automation technology for service sectors, to be co-located with
“Assembly & Automation Technology 2022” where providers of industrial automation and robotics technology will get to meet directly with industrialists to discover ways to enhance robotic businesses through machinery, solutions, system integrations, and consulting services. The event will also facilitate the networking of trade alliances through special activities and conferences. Don't miss the opportunity to move your business forward while raising the potential of the Thai robotics industry at this event!
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