Digital technology and automation literacy are essential skills for today and the future. Thailand is among one of the countries with relatively fast digital development as it ranks second largest in Southeast Asia in terms of digital economy. According to the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2021, Thailand's competitiveness ranks 38 out of 64 countries with its strength in technology ranking 22nd. However, there are areas that need urgent development which include knowledge since Thailand ranks 42nd in this area, and future readiness which Thailand ranks at 44th in this area.*

An early 2020 survey conducted by Thailand’s National Statistical Office shows that 55% of Thai workers have digital skills, which means that another 45% or 17 million urgently need skills development especially in modern technology in order to work with automation and be able to support Thailand’s economic and social transformation. This will ultimately enable them to contribute to the country’s future competitiveness.

*Source: The Standard
To promote the development of digital skills, “Assembly & Automation Technology” will provide a comprehensive platform of technology and solutions, automation systems, robots and essential knowledge that can help enhance the competitiveness of personnel and entrepreneurs as well as building a strong trade network among matching partners. Join us and reserve your space today to help strengthen skills, raising the bar for Thailand’s industrial sector and grow your business at the same time.
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