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 As today's business world heads towards digital transformation, many organizations are seeking to automate and streamline their processes as to improve and making work effectively or reduce cost of operation.So how can an organization ensure that these concerns are addressed when looking towards workload automation? JP1 enables organizations to do just that.Many have turned to workload automation, which is about automating business processes through the scheduling, triggering, and execution of tasks without the constant need for human intervention. This is the future trend that will help organizations to automate jobs, save cost in terms of the number of executional jobs, and tremendously help to reduce errors.

  Automate Business Operations

JP1/AJS3 can automatically runs business operations linked with cloud services, web systems, and various other systems, and visualizes the overall execution status of business operations, making it easy to understand the status and accelerate response. These features help you achieve stable operation with improved efficiency.
Automate operations that are executed in an SAP ERP system

You can define SAP ERP jobs to be executed and monitored in JP1 simply by copying the jobs that are already defined in your SAP ERP systems. This allows you to easily and efficiently link ERP systems with your other systems, so that all of your systems operate seamlessly, together as one.
Automate administrative tasks (including those that use RPA)

Regular administrative tasks performed on PCs, such as data aggregation and operations executed by using RPA products, can be executed and monitored alongside processing performed on mission-critical systems as a single series of operations. You can easily link administrative tasks with your mission-critical processes, and expand the scope of operations to be automated.
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